Falco (De Jong) Luneau (7 August, 1984) is an Austrian-Dutch singer-songwriter. He is best known for his 2006 participation in the Austrian version of American Idol, Starmania. After finishing seventh, he formed the boyband “jetzt anders!” with several other participants, notably Tom Neuwirth, who in his Conchita Wurst persona won the 2014 Eurovision song contest. After two hits in Austria, and their album Gut reaching 9th on the Austrian charts, the band dissolved after just one year.

After going solo in The Netherlands with winning the Radio 538 Demo Duel, Falco Luneau’s song “Nobody” entered the Dutch Top 40, staying listed for five weeks in 2009, when he also performed at the famous stage of Museumplein in Amsterdam on Queensday in front of more than 250,000 people. After recording his album “Years From Now” and releasing his single “I’m still pretending” and “No One’s Fool” he toured with the Dutch artist Waylon, also known as the male singer from “The Common Linnets”. In 2012, he composed a special song and designed a dressage show together with Adelinde Cornelissen (2012 Olympic Silver Medal winner, 2009, 2011 European champion with Parzival) at the world’s famous “Friesian Horse Stallion Show”. In 2012, Falco Luneau entered the Dutch Antilles Top 40 at number 1 with his song “Skintight”. In 2013 he participated in the Austrian ORF TV Show “Österreich rockt den Songcontest” (the pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest) with his song “Rise Above The Night”, coming second. Afterwards, he toured through his home country and decided to stay in the Alps of Austria to create new songs.

In 2014, inspired by his experiences in Africa, Falco Luneau shifted his energies away from his music career towards initiating social change under his pseudonym “Wolfsrachen”. His first project in 2015, “Frieden ist kein Wintergarten” (peace is not a greenhouse) became. as a school education initiative focused on educating children and young people about European values and human rights, and was successful in bringing awareness about human rights, war orphans and refugees to the schools of Austria and the German-speaking world.

He released his next socially critical project as Wolfsrachen in 2017. Dein Lachen (Your Laughter) addressed the impact and awareness of physical, psychological and sexual violence against children and adolescents. Rami Jaffee (keyboard player of the Foo Fighters) played the hammond organs on the song. Its short video, starring noted Austrian/German actor Harald Krassnitzer, won international awards, notably “Best Music Video” and “Best Actress” for co-star Lea Immler at the Kolkata Short International Film Festival in India in 2017. In the same year, the whole project was honored by the Austrian Government with the “Austrian Youth Prize”. In 2018 its short video again won international awards, also including “Best Actress”, at the New York City Independent Film Festival and the award for “Best Socially Responsible Content” at the New Media Film Festival in LA.

With increasing government support and better awareness across Austria and Europe, Falco has spent the past years working on his next album, while working on new projects targeting social solidarity and building a stronger, international community.